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    Working Group V / 6 - Close range morphological measurement for the earth sciences, 2008-2012


Tips for effective use of digital close range photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning

One of the objectives of the working group is to develop and make freely available ‘best-practice’ guidelines for non-expert users of:

  • Close range digital photogrammetry;

  •  Terrestrial laser scanners.

As a first step towards achieving this goal, we would like to produce a series of "Tips" which reflects and consolidates our combined experience of using close range photogrammetry and laser scanning. We can share these tips amongst ourselves and also make them freely available to all using the working group website.

For such guidance to be easily digestible and immediately useful, I suggest we make these short and pragmatic, but provide references to papers where some of the aspects are explained more fully. This will help all of us to promote our research output, clearly an important task for many of us! For consistency, I suggest we all adopt a simple structure where short explanatory text is followed by the reference.

As a start and to provide a suitable template for your additions and potential fame, your working group officers offer the following suggestions within the two subject areas:


Section 1 - Close range digital photogrammetry

(updated, September 2010)


Section 2 - Terrestrial laser scanning


Please feel free to add your suggestions and send to: R. Wackrow / J.H. Chandler.